Tips On How To Order Drinks At The Bar Without Embarrassment

Are you a first timer to the bar? Do you feel hesitant to order your drinks to the bartender? Well, the bartenders are human beings. They are there to offer you all the assistance that you need when ordering drinks. There is no need to hesitate while ordering drinks. You do not have to feel embarrassed when ordering booze.

Be bold to ask questions

There is no point in holding back and asking bartender questions before ordering your drink. If you feel dumb to ask questions, then you will feel dumb for not getting what you want to drink. The bartenders will be more than happy to help you out fix the drink that you want. They have seen many first-time drinkers and know all about it. They will be more than happy to share their expertise with you. Who knows you would get the best drink of your life when you ask questions to the bartender. Unless the bartenders are busy, most of them will help in fixing you a great drink. If they are busy, they might hand over the menu to you. Read it to understand more about the different mixes in drinks.

Tips for first-time bar drinkers

If you feel that you need to know something before visiting the bar, then learn a few things about the bar and drinks first. If your glass is not filled to the brim, then you are drinking a wine. You can always ask the bartender about the best drinks that they serve at the bar. You can even ask them which drink they recommend for first-time drinkers. If you are worried about the charges for the drinks, you can always ask what the cheapest drinks are served at the bar. To avoid feeling dumb for asking such a question, you can twist the question a bit and ask for what are the specials on offer at the bar. This way you can cut off those drinks from your mind. Knowing a bit of the bar basics will help a lot at the bar. The common term that the bartenders ask you when they fix drinks is whether you want it on the rocks or neat. A drink served with only ice is called on the rocks. A neat drink is one served without ice and at room temperature.